Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Site!!!

Many of you were maybe wondering what was happening to the lack of posts. Well it's because I have a new site! Thanks to my cousin who helped me set it up, I'm very excited with the way it looks! I hope many of you come and invite your friends to, so you all can see my site and join it! Ok ok enough rambling, the link to my new site is below and remember to like my posts and comment! I can't wait to start this new journey with you all. And remember to follow me on Twitter at curlyadventure to get updates and more! Bye bye adventures of a high school curly and hello to curly adventures!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Questions Questions Questions!!!

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been gone for a while, a lot has been going on in my life right now and I've been trying to de-stress and refocus on what I need to do. If you all came from site thanks so much for coming and seeing what I have for my site, I really appreciate it. In the next week or so I would have up a new site, but don't worry I will let you all know when it's ready. Also let me know in the comment section what you would like to see in the new site, and what you would like to see happen on there. Again thank you, and I'll be back again to update you! Chinyere

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mini Braids

Hey! Recently  I tried out some mini braids on my hair and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I had them in for 3 weeks and they were very small actually, a little too small but whatever. It took me about 2 hrs to complete my hair over 3 days. I originally had my hair in mini twists and when I wanted to do the mini braids I took the twist down and added some Flaxseed gel( see my previous post on that), Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and Shea butter until I was complete. I really love it and so I had one section on my left side that had flat twists to create that shaven- side hair look thingy ! To  keep up with the braids I either braided them to create a crinkly look or put them in rollers to have bigger curls. My ends were in heaven, they weren't breaking off as easily as they were before and they stay moisturized longer. My hair also grew, not that much, but enough to notice that something was different. I enjoyed my braids until I had to take them down. It took my 5 hours to do and since I couldn't be able to style my hair again on top of that (mind you this is all happening at night) after I took the braid I put it in a mini twist so that the next day for church on Saturday I could do a mini twist out. Since my hair was very moisturized, the curl pattern when I took the mini twists the next day was just beautiful. The curls were just everywhere and they looked so good! Overall I love mini braids/ twists but I would still end up doing mini braids because they unravel as easily as the mini twists!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Product Review: Flaxseed Gel

Hey! So recently I watched Naptural85's video on how to make flax seed gel so I decided to try it out. 
My mixture was a mix of: 2 tsp Olive Oil, 3 tbsp Flax seeds, 3/4 cup Water, 2 drops of peppermint oil. It turned out thick, which is the way I wanted because previously before it was thin and runny and it was too thin to hold down my edges or give hold to my hair if I wanted to use it as an aid to help style. In terms of if I liked it; I don't. Let me explain, it does the job of serving as a gel and hold down my edges and all but it flakes so much on my hair even when I put olive oil underneath it. The smell takes a lot to get used to and when I was walking around the smell lingers with me. The color was tannish- greenish( nasty sorry) because of the olive oil. Moisturizing; well I didn't expect it to moisturize because its a gel but it made my hair very crunchy and flaky. The process was time consuming and messy. It was very hard to squeeze the gel from the seeds and I was burning my hand just to get it out. Many people said to store it in the fridge to stay fresh, but I don't like to keep my hair products in the fridge so I stored it in my cabinet. It only lasted for 2 days and by day 3 the smell was horrendous and I had to either quickly use it all up or throw it out. All in all, I was happy that the consistency turned out better than before and it did its job as a gel but I will not try it again.

Friday, July 6, 2012

About Me

Hey! My Name is Chinyere and I'm from Nigeria!! I'm in my second year of high school and I love to be with my family and friends! I have a huge passion and interest for my natural hair and others too. I've been natural my whole entire life and I thank God for that! But actually near the end of 2009 I stumbled upon Curlynikki's website and that was the jump-start to my whole Natural Hair Journey. The purpose of this blog is to become an aid for those like me who are just new to high school and while they have a passion for expressing themselves with their hair, they are faced with the difficult situations that high school has to offer. I want to be able to showcase the different styles that you can wear as a natural that is very cute and and simple to do. But of course this blog would be useless without you all, so help me out by becoming a member and join me in my journey as a new natural;) 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hey! Im soo happy because today I was featured on Precious' hair site for a hairstyle I did! I realized that I saw some more views to my site because of that and if you stopped by from her, thank you soo much and it would be amazing if you become a member to my site to join me as I start this new experience.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hi everyone! Sorry for the huge longg break! Well I'm finally back and I want to hear from you guys! Let me know what you all want to see here so we can make it the best that it can be! Much Love!!!!!