Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Product Review: Flaxseed Gel

Hey! So recently I watched Naptural85's video on how to make flax seed gel so I decided to try it out. 
My mixture was a mix of: 2 tsp Olive Oil, 3 tbsp Flax seeds, 3/4 cup Water, 2 drops of peppermint oil. It turned out thick, which is the way I wanted because previously before it was thin and runny and it was too thin to hold down my edges or give hold to my hair if I wanted to use it as an aid to help style. In terms of if I liked it; I don't. Let me explain, it does the job of serving as a gel and hold down my edges and all but it flakes so much on my hair even when I put olive oil underneath it. The smell takes a lot to get used to and when I was walking around the smell lingers with me. The color was tannish- greenish( nasty sorry) because of the olive oil. Moisturizing; well I didn't expect it to moisturize because its a gel but it made my hair very crunchy and flaky. The process was time consuming and messy. It was very hard to squeeze the gel from the seeds and I was burning my hand just to get it out. Many people said to store it in the fridge to stay fresh, but I don't like to keep my hair products in the fridge so I stored it in my cabinet. It only lasted for 2 days and by day 3 the smell was horrendous and I had to either quickly use it all up or throw it out. All in all, I was happy that the consistency turned out better than before and it did its job as a gel but I will not try it again.

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